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 About Silk Road Media

Central Asia is one of the last remaining unexplored parts of the world. Interest in the region grows daily. However, most of the media have almost entirely represented the region in political and economic terms with little focus on historical, artistic and cultural resources the region has to offer. 

Interest in Central Asia’s arts and culture is combined with a frustration caused by the limited amount of resources available for an educated person to learn about the area.

Our idea beneath Silk Road Media (SRM) is to produce publications that would give readers worldwide a new perspective on these intertwined cultures, highlighting their influence on arts, history, landscape and people of Central Asia. SRM publications’ quality ensures their high profile and attractiveness to anyone interested in Central Asia. This makes SRM an ideal partner for businesses promoting their operations and products in, and about, the region. 

Silk Road Media transforms Central Asia’s cultural image by portraying the region in print. Not only those interested in becoming more familiar with an unfamiliar region will benefit from these editions, but they would also aid the development of so much needed cultural tourism.  

SRM publications are aimed at an educated and broad-minded readership. First they may attract readers with quality and bright presentation of materials, and then keep them attracted by submitting more and more intriguing materials, for Central Asia is such an endless source of wonders. They are appealing to an elite class of Central Asians interested in seeing a wider exposure of their countries; to people traveling to Central Asia for work or tourism; to armchair travelers at their homes, charmed by Central Asia’s enchanting spirit; to academics and those with an interest in contemporary global society; and to people fascinated by Central Asian exotic subjects such as national textiles, ceramics, and the Great Game. 

Our publications are likely to have a contemporary twist, or follow the footsteps of exciting new discoveries. To bring you the best possible materials we reach out to those parts of Central Asia that rarely get covered by other media.  

Our major publication, the Discovery Central Asia magazine, is being published since 2002, quarterly, in English language, on 84 color pages. Besides, it is backed up with national travel guides for Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. Those travel guides are published in three European languages: German, French, English.  

We are also planning new travel guides about Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.To do this, we collaborate with local contributors and European travelers, who share their travel impressions and experiences about the Central Asia.  

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