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Executive Director's Note

Dear AmCham Members and Friends,
I am glad to report that AmCham members feel a strong ownership, engaging in our ongoing activity. We regularly get positive feedback from our existing members. On January 31, 2008 our Board approved AmCham overall and Committee priorities. We will focus on trade facilitation for the next two years. Importantly, our strategy fits with the mission of the Eurasian Business Platform, which is comprised of Eurasian region AmChams. Our upcoming Conference "Trade, Transportation and Transit in the Kyrgyz Republic" scheduled to be held in April, will address such issues as transport and transit development, reducing administrative barriers, improvement of the legal environment and compliance with international standards. Together with our partner business associations, AmCham will design an action plan to promote trade issues dealing with the government. Another goal we intend to work towards is the development of bilateral trade-economic ties with the USA. Our US-Kyrgyz Business Committee is scheduled to make an analysis of bilateral relationships in order to identify areas to be improved, as well as spheres of industry, attractive for both US and Kyrgyz business people. Beyond this, we will channel our members with US investors operating in the Eurasian region through our global network. From regular communications with AmCham members and observations we found that the private sector is being challenged by the quality of Kyrgyz University graduates. Young specialists from Business Administration Schools are not able to meet the expectations of employers. Business Administration Schools fail to provide specialists with a functional knowledge of the private sector, and few universities sporadically organizing job fairs for employers. Many employees in the private sector do not possess such practical skills as business communications, strategic planning, financial management, marketing etc. There is a huge gap between the demands of the private sector and the supply of educational institutions. Therefore, our Social Affairs Committee has decided to investigate the capacities  of the Business and Economics Schools in exploring the demands and needs of the private sector. We will focus on public-private partnership as close cooperation between private sector and educational institutions should be critical to the prosperity of the Kyrgyz economy.
Lobbying the interests of our members, we are proactively engaged in Consultative Councils under the Economic Development & Trade Ministry and Prosecutor General Office. In addition, AmCham joined the National Alliance of Business Associations (NABA), consisting of leading business associations of Kyrgyzstan. The NABA priorities include reforming of the Tax Code and implementing monitoring of the Law on Inspections. We believe such involvement helps us to advance the corporate interests of our members.
Finally, regarding our publications, I am pleased to announce that our electronic newsletter and magazine are in huge demand among our members and interested stakeholders. They cover AmCham activities and advertise businesses not only in Kyrgyzstan, but also across the global market.

I am pleased to reiterate that we look forward to continuing to serve you!
Ainura Cholponkulova
Executive Director

Discovery AmCham Kyrgyz Republic #2/2008

Discovery AmCham Kyrgyz Republic #2/2008

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