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National Alliance of Business Associations

In November 2007 an informal union of independent equal organizations National Alliance of Business Associations was set up. The Alliance is aimed at consolidated and effective concerns in economic and social reforms for the achievement of the public common weal of Kyrgyzstan, and building a fair and successful society.





NABA initiative group includes: Bishkek Business Club, the Chamber of Tax Consultants, Congress of Business-Associations, the American Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Market, Retail, and Service sectors of Kyrgyzstan, the Association of Expediters of the KR, Trade Union of entrepreneurs TRK  "DORDOI",  Women's   Entrepreneur Support Association (WESA), Communication Statement Association, Association of Flow Properties, Tourist Trade association of Silk Road, Association facilities of light industry "Legprom", Union of Entrepreneurs from Karakol city, Association of Customs Brokers, Agro Businessmen Association of Kyrgyzstan, Realtors' Association, Association of Transport Operators, Naryn Association of Agro Business and Trades, Issyk-Kul Business Club, Association of Micro Financial Organizations.
NABA priorities: Reforming of the Tax Code and implementing the monitoring of the Law on Inspections.
Since its establishment, NABA has conducted a variety of events. Among them are the First National Forum of Business Associations (November 13,2007)
NABA's first meeting was held November 27,2007.
NABA's second meeting was held January 29,2008.











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