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Fashion culture with the help of Fashion Week

Currently Kyrgyzstan does not have a rich fashion history, yet as the country develops, so too are the fashion and textile industries. Given the dynamics of Kyrgyz development, there are a lot of opportunities present to develop a fashion culture with the help of Fashion Week.
Fashion Week in Kyrgyzstan was held from October 17-21, 2007 at Vefa Center, multi­functional trade center.

The event was organized by the Promotional Center Vitline, and sponsored by AmCham member FINCA, Microcredit Company.
Vitline also arranged a roundtable on "International Business and Fashion", the goal of which was to encourage investment and development of the textile and fashion industries in Kyrgyzstan. AmCham agreed to promote their interests and offered collaboration to leading designers and textile companies. Among them are Bakyt Beshbayev, Gulmira Satarova, Aidai Asangulova, and KRSU team. Importantly, the next fashion week is supposed to be held in March 2008.
Like the fashion industry in Kyrgyzstan, Fashion Week is a young, yet rapidly developing enterprise. Kyrgyzstan Fashion Week strives to become the biggest
and most attractive fashion event of Central Asia, aspiring to grow increasingly more international and to attract a host of national and international top designers, retailers, industries and world press attention. In addition, Kyrgyzstan Fashion Week seeks to involve the general public, promoting fashion and commerce within the country. By such means, Fashion Week is anticipated to create increasingly more opportunities for Kyrgyz designers, the textile industry, retailers and related industries.
Kyrgyzstan has only recently started out on the road of economic development, and as a newly-emerging economy there are many diverse opportunities for industry and trade. Being at the heart of Central Asia and a neighbor of China, there is an opportunity to create a new silk route; with a large textile industry and a cheap labor force, Kyrgyzstan is the ideal country for fashion production.


Fashion culture

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