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Business Lunch

The American Chamber of Commerce organized a Business Lunch "Business in the Kyrgyz Republic: Opportunities, Challenges and Risks" on November 14, 2007 at the restaurant "Consul". Top state officials and donors were invited to meet with AmCham members. The luncheon was hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce and jointly sponsored by AmCham member companies Aiten Group, International Law Firm "Lorenz" and Federal Express.

The goal of this event is to maintain a constructive dialogue between the business community and heads of the economic departments in the President's Administration and Prime-Minister's Office, and such state bodies as the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Justice, State Customs Committee, and State Tax Committee. At the beginning of the event the sponsors were invited to present their companies.
In light of the recently published World Bank Report "Doing Business, 2008, Kyrgyz Republic" AmCham Members had the opportunity to discuss various questions with Roger Robinson, World Bank Country Manager and representatives of the Ministries of tax, customs, and trade, regulatory and law-making issues.

Key note speakers were as follows:
Roger Robinson, World Bank Country Manager.
Azamat Dikambaev, Chief of Economic and Social Affairs Department at the President's Administration;
Jetigen Bakirov, Chief of Trade, Tourism and Entrepreneurship Department, Prime-Minister's Office;
Marat Kayipov, Minister of Justice;
Arzybek Kojoshev, Deputy Financial Minister;
Azis Aliev, State-Secretary, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade;
Jenishbek Eshenkulov, Deputy Chairman, State Tax Committee;
Keneshbek Kulmatov, the First Deputy Chairman, State Customs Committee.
Representatives of the business community actively directed questions to the respective top officials from government institutions; various questions were asked about specific company activities.
The Business Lunch was held informally, to improve relations between business associations and state bodies.
According to the Business Lunch results, participants concluded that holding such events contributes to the consolidation of positive relations between the business community of the country and top state officials.





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