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Past AmCham Events

On 27 April 2006 AmCham in Uzbekistan held its April monthly meeting at the Hotel Intercontinental. Guest speaker for the evening event was His Excellency, Farit Mukhametshin Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of Russian Federation to Uzbekistan. Ambassador  Mukhametshin was accompanied by representatives of Russian Trade House, Zarubezhneftcgas (Gazprom), Souyzneftegas, "Kamaz",   "Agromashholding", "SintezTashkent", Official Representative of the Republic of Tatarstan, and the Russian Trade Representation in Uzbekistan. The topics of his talk included Uzbekistan's EurAsEC accession, proposed currency integration and an overview of political and economic dialogs and cooperation between Russian and Uzbekistan.

The program outlined by Ambassador Mukhamctshin is ambitious, comprehensive and encompassing all the sectors of government policy, private interests and regional interests. The Russian program consisting of a long term engagement and integration of Uzbekistan into the regional and world economy will, if successful, benefit all business interests regardless of nationality and can lead to a more open, transparent and balanced
playing field for all existing and future investors and stakeholders in the Uzbek economy. At the same time our guests were  promoting  further cooperation of businesses operating in Uzbekistan with the regions of the Russian Federation. The Representative of the Republic of Tatarstan has outlined possibilities in doing business with the main industrial conglomerates of Tatarstan, while representatives of Saratov have praised an establishment of a successful link between UzBAT leaf operation and tobacco factories in Saratov province.

AmCham looks forward to a continuing dialog and stands ready to support and cooperate with our Russian counterparts to effect changes which will improve the economic and investment climate  here in Uzbekistan. It is important to draw attention to the symbolic and substantive significance of the spirit of cooperation and outreach expressed by AmCham and its membership. Contrary to popular views and disinformation,  the AmCham community sincerely welcomes and extends its support and encouragement to our Russian colleagues' willingness to enlist the entire foreign business community   into its program to seriously engage, support and consul the government of Uzbekistan and the Uzbek business community.

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