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Tashkent International School

Tashkent International School is a not-for-profit foundation operating an internationally accredited and acclaimed school, Tashkent International School (T1S), in Tashkent serving the diplomatic, international mission and foreign non­governmental organization population in Tashkent. The school was founded in 1994 by representatives of the United Nations, the Diplomatic Corps, International Corporations and their families then stationed in Tashkent as a non-religious, apolitical, international organization designed to serve the education needs of the international and Diplomatic Community in Tashkent. This was formalized in the Founder's Declaration registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan in August of 1997 and signed by the then United Nations Representative and Ambassadors from 12 Embassies accredited to Uzbekistan.
TIS is owned and operated by the diplomatic and foreign nationals (the parents) who enroll their children in the school and is managed by a Board of Governors elected from among the parent community. The Board appoints a Director to administer the school in accordance with defined international standards.
The school owns buildings in Tashkent that were legally purchased from the State Railway Company through the offices of the State Property Company and the city Hokimiyat. The school is currently in the process of repaying a small business development loan to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). The school is financed entirely through the collection of fees from expatriates who wish to enroll their children in the school. As a not-for-profit foundational! income must be rc-invested into the school. The aim is to provide the best teachers, facilities, programs and resources to support a world-class education for the children.
The School serves students from Elementary through Secondary and has 22 different nationalities represented by the student body. The approximate breakdowns are as follows: 17% European, 24% Korean, 22% Indian, 17% United States, 15% Uzbek, 5% other. TIS recruits the best English speaking international teachers il can find at the annual international recruiting conferences held in various locations around the world and from the local market. The school also recruits and trains local educators to teach and work in English their specialist subjects and areas to recognized, accredited international standards. Tashkent International School enjoys an international reputation as being one of the best international schools in all of Central Asia. The presence of an internationally accredited and recognized school unit in Uzbekistan allows many Diplomatic and International Business Missions to advertise Tashkent as a good posting for families. We think this adds to the already considerable prestige of this country In addition, the school currently operates a merit-based scholarship program for local Uzbek students to study in the equivalent of Uzbek grades 10 and 11. The school works in partnership with many Uzbek local schools sponsoring teacher and student exchanges, sporting and cultural exchanges and we hope to expand this partnership with the Ministry of Public Education in many spheres in the future.
The school is currently accredited by the Council of International Schools (based in Europe;, by the Central and Eastern European Schools Association (www.cccsa.orgl and by ihc New England Association of Schools and Colleges (based in ihe North America; This means that the courses, curriculum and examinations offered by the school are recognized as accredited primary and secondary education courses, curriculum and examinations in Europe, North America and, indeed, most of the developed world. 100% of TIS graduates attend university in North America, Europe, India, Korea and around the world. Many of them receive full scholarships. With the advent of Westminster International University in Tashkentsome now also have the chance to remain here. The school will launch the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program in August 2006 ( This prestigious intenational program is accepted as valid for university entry in 90 counties around the world and it will further add to the prestige of the school and Tashkent that we are able to offer IB courses here. The first school in Uzbekistan to be authorized to offer the IB Diploma! In addition, the elementary school is in the process of adopting the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programthe world leader in elementary education. In January of this year, Tashkent International School became one of only four international schools in the Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA: geographic region (basically the international schools located between Vienna and Vladivostok!) to have its programs, facilities, teachers, courses and curriculum declared fully adequate and equivalent to US schools by the US Department of State Office of Overseas Schools ( ). Other International schools with some degree of adequacy status in the CEESA region are:

The others do nol have any adequacy status at all. This is a very significant achievement and has long-term positive implications for school enrollment. Tashkent is now listed as a family posting with a fully adequate school K-12. There are not so many of these world-wide! Thus we should see more US families with school-age children bidding upon a Tashkent posting in the future. TIS has always enjoyed close links with the local community. Indeed we run partnership programs with local schoolsour students and teachers visit local schools and local students and teachers come and spend the time in our schoolsharing best practices and ideas. We also run all sons of local sporting and cultural events and will host, once again, the Tashkent Gold Conference Soccer Tournament in which schools from Tashkent (local and international schools) and from other Central Asian countries come together to compete here in Tashkent every October/ November.
In addition, we work with local orphanages and the local Mahalla on a variety of community projects each year, for example presents for the Mahalla's disabled orphans. We have always been ready and willing to open our campus and facility to local school and youth groupssoccer and rugby teams for practice and inviting local schools and orphanages to the various cultural and social events we run throughout the year such as Uzbek Studies Week, UN Day Celebrations and our Spring Bazaar. Wc have always enjoyed a good working relationship with the Ministry of Public Education and the Ministry of Foreign A flairs and hope to expand on this relationship in the futurehosting teacher training conferences and seminars for example and forming Tashkent Schools Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball leagues to name but a few. Tashkent International School hopes to continue and expand this tradition of close collaboration with our Uzbek communityboth at the local and the ministerial level. We will continue to ensure that Tashkent is recognized in the region and beyond as having a world class accredited international school, thus ensuring the city is firmly on the list of attractive family postings for diplomats, UN and international organizations and global business corporations, thus helping to attract business and investment lo Tashkent and Uzbekistan. The school, together with the International Medical Clinic and the International Community intend to work with Uzbek officials at all levels to preserve TIS' unique character and maintain the high quality of international education and health services for which both are known around the world, and for which Tashkent is now famous as an international family posting.

Kevin Glass Director, Tashkent International School

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