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Past Events - AmCham Annual General Assembly (December 07, 2006)

AmCham in Uzbekistan held its Annual General Assembly
on December 07, 2006.

AmCham President, Don Nicholson presenting his report on AmCham past activities and future plans to the Board of Directors and the general membership.





AmCham Director & Treasurer Hugo Minderhoud, AKTE LLC presented a report detailing the financial activities of AmCham during 2006





A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to departing AmCham Director Bakhram Salakhitdinov, Newmont Uzb. Ltd.






To AmCham long standing friend Mr Rafael Yenaliev a Certificate of Appreciation was presented for his past support of AmCham activities.





AmCham Member Mirpayoz Mirsaatov, Bo’stonlig Sut JV received a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his active participation at AmCham Monthly Meetings during 2006.






2007 Board of Directors election results being tabulated by Tatiana Okunskya, Executive Director and Member Charles Rudd, Interconcepts Inc.


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